More flexibility for

health providers

If you are a nurse or healthcare assistant, wherever you go, you can check the vacancies that best suit you and your schedule.
You choose where and when you want to work

  • Shifts

    Consult new vacancies daily and apply according to your preferences. Without costs or commission, the value published is the value you receive.

  • Part-Time

    An opportunity for those who wish to commit to a fixed set of hours per week in their favorite unit. Your tailor-made schedule.

  • Full-Time

    For those looking for a long-term relationship with their favorite unit. Work where you like to work and where you feel valued and passionate. 

How it works

  • 01
    Register and complete your profile so that healthcare institutions get to know you.
  • 02
    Check the available vacancies and apply according to your preferences.
  • 03
    Confirm your presence and receive all the integration support when you arrive at the healthcare institution.
  • 042
    Complete the scheduled shift, evaluate your experience and be paid for the good work.

We are not a temporary employment agency, we are the app that gives you autonomy over your job opportunities.

Already a success for thousands of Portuguese nurses, our platform is used daily to find available positions, increase income and manage their own schedules, providing career control and flexibility in life.

Some consider this to be the future of hiring health professionals in our country, recognising and supporting professionals.

Where you can work

Discover the different partner healthcare institutions throughout the country and apply to those where you would like to develop your professional experience.

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All in one platform

  • Build your profile

    • Complete your profile with the most relevant information
    • Validate your profile to start working
    • Review your CV with the MyCareforce team
    • Improve your rating and be an attractive professional
  • Shift application

    • Apply for jobs of your choice
    • Propose your own availabilities
    • Filters vacancies by institution, service or time slot
    • Fill vacancies with a partner of your choice
  • Professional career

    • Gain experience
    • Get more control over your life
    • Without commissions, the published amount is received
    • Set your own schedules, holidays and days off

A long-term relationship

Our nurses tested, liked and shared it.
  • "The whole process at MyCareforce is quite simple and efficient. For those looking for an extra income, there are no complications, just transparency. I like and recommend it."
    Nurse Ana
  • "I can say that your support has been fantastic and that the possibility of being able to develop my activity without being affected by a particular institution gives me a freedom that I never thought I could achieve, doing only the shifts I want and at the price I consider fair."
    Nurse Cláudia
  • "I don't have the availability to commit to a part-time job, but MyCareforce has made it possible for me to make the most of my free time and thus, to fulfill real and urgent needs in healthcare institutions in Portugal in terms of human resources."
    Nurse Margarida
  • "The fact that we choose the shifts ourselves and don't have any monthly or weekly obligation is fantastic, there are certain places that usually want 20h weekly, but in this app I make my own schedule!"
    Nurse Filipe
  • "I wanted to thank you for all the support given before the shift took place. It was the first time I used your platform and I loved it. I really like the concept, and I hope it continues to grow and grow. b> It makes our lives much easier, as professionals. Thank you so much for the thoughtfulness of whoever created it!"
    Nurse Sofia
  • "I have to say that the shift was very smooth, I was welcomed by colleagues who explained everything! Thank you MyCareforce for existing, so it is possible to earn extra money whenever there is available time! Just go to MyCareforce and guarantee the shift, without bureaucracies!"
    Nurse Mónica

Frequently Asked Questions

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