Efficient management of your human resources

Find flexible professionals just a click away.
Make it easy to search directly for flexible, local professionals.

Ensure that each user's needs are met through a competent and available team.   

  • Ensure continuity of care in your institution

    Establish lasting relationships with qualified local health professionals. Plan ahead or cover last-minute needs.

  • Cover your temporary professionals needs

    Hire dynamic, available professionals, matching patients' needs. Get your organization ready for anything. 

  • Reduce burnout and retain your internal team

    The overload of internal teams harms both professionals and users. Optimize their management and retain more motivated professionals.

"A solution not for the pandemic situation, but for the future of healthcare contracting!"

We are the tool that allows the healthcare institutions direct access to a bank of local nurses, filling schedules through available and motivated professionals.

Our mission is to make technology accessible to everyone by connecting the right professional to the right vacancy, ensuring that everyone, anywhere, has access to the healthcare professional they need.

MyCareforce vs Traditional Agencies

We are not a temporary employment agency but a technology company that gives you the access to a local community of experienced and available healthcare professionals.

We are different in that we do not resort to lengthy and cumbersome processes. We allow you to connect directly and autonomously to professionals, depending on their schedules.

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