Your platform for recruiting healthcare professionals

The digital platform that connects nurses
and auxiliary health technicians to available positions
in health units.

  • Combat the lack of professionals

    Post job vacancies for +8.000 available, qualified and experienced nurses and health care assistants.

  • Ensure continuity of care

    Fill hundreds of shifts and increase your responsiveness to your users, with quality.

  • Reduce the tiredness and burnout

    Fill gaps in schedules with security and confidence, without overburdening internal teams.

  • +75
    Health Care Institutions
  • +8 000
    Registered Professional
  • +30 300
    Hours Filled

Our clients

Plan ahead or fill in last-minute needs. With MyCareforce you’re in control.


The operation

  • 01
    Health Units Register
  • 02
    Shift publication
  • 03
    Candidate selection
  • 042
    Implementation of the shifts

360º Solution

Streamline processes and relieve administrative effort. All features on the same platform.

✔️ Hiring of health care professionals
✔️ Publication and management of shifts
✔️ Control over the shifts performed
✔️ Platform accessible 24 hours 365 days


Your all-in-one platform

  • Candidate Profile

    • Validation by MyCareforce
    • Professional Experience
    • Courses and Specialties
  • Shift Publication

    • Scale Publishing
    • Selection of Candidates
    • Set your Favorites
  • Shift Performance

    • Easy and secure integration
    • Shift history
    • Evaluation of Professionals

Long-term confidence

  • "In terms of human resources, as an employer enquanto entidade empregadora this platform helps a lot the management of service providers, because all nurses who are registered in it have all the conditions. We have this guarantee to provide nursing care, in addition to the payments and filling of shifts that is much easier, faster and safer."

    Tiago Ramos, Human Resources Director @ ACASO
  • "(...) It is an extremely agile platform that ensured us resources practically in full according to our needs, which are many. The support that has been provided to us has been essential to the success of this partnership."

    Nuno Fernandes, Lisbon Regional Director
  • "Within the scope of the mass testing of Covid-19, CEDOC|NMS resorted the services of MyCareforce, which provides a platform which provides qualified professionals of great quality and efficiency. The support provided by MyCareforce was essential for solving problems in a timely manner and always with great availability and professionalism."

    Ana de Oliveira, Nucleus Coordinator of the R&D Services and Infrastructures
  • "MyCareforce is an innovative and user-friendly platform. In the case of Domus Vida, we were able to prove and count on the collaboration of nurses of excellence motivated to support our specific needs."

    Carlota Kreye, Human Resources Department
  • "I’d like to thank you for all your support before the shift. It was the first time I used your platform and loved it.I really like the concept,and hope it continues to grow and grow.I think it makes our lives a lot easier as professionals. Thank you very much for the consideration of those who created it!"

    Nurse Sofia
  • "It is a huge satisfaction collaborate with your company, for the simplicity of the process until being part of the team and all the online dynamics until the end of the shift. Simple, easy and effective are the words that best describe MyCareforce. In the future may more companies and shifts continue to come!"

    Nurse Rita
  • "I would like to congratulate the team for the initiative and project they are developing. A possibilidade de trabalharmos em vários locais e contextos diferentes sem a necessidade do vínculo a nenhuma entidade em específico é excelente, já que nos dá uma maior liberdade na escolha do nosso percurso e desenvolvimento da nossa pluralidade enquanto enfermeiros.”

    Nurse Micaela

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